Saturday, April 12, 2008

A day in Daddy's Shoes

Note to Reader: I just added a post under this one. I had originally made the post before this one but was trying to figure out how to add a video, it never worked, so I just linked to it, and now it is ready for your viewing pleasure. When you draft something and then publish it later it just shows up under the day you drafted it on.

We have been having some major car trouble lately, and our car has been in and out of the shop. We have been transferring car seats from one car to another, and while Arlene was here we just put them in her van (our car was in the shop the whole time she was here!) After Arlene, Neil, and Mattea left we just set the car seats in the entry way to the house to put back in the car. The other day I walked around the corner and this is what I saw. Liam's little Light saber is the steering wheel and Ezra is the back seat driver. If that isn't cute enough check out their shoes. Apparently, to drive a car, and be a backseat driver, you MUST wear "Daddy Shoes."

I also heard Ezra ask several times "Are we there yet?" I almost died laughing!
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  1. Awwwwww.... HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! Boys and their crazy antics!

  2. your boys are sooo fun! Love all the photos you post. Such a fun and busy family!

    (Oh, and this may sound weird, but would you mind just putting 'Texas Twins Twice' on your sidebar instead of our last name. I'm such a paranoid person! =) Thanks! I need to put you on my sidebar too.