Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Freemont Experience

The last thing we did on the 3rd was go to Freemont street, which was so much fun. We watched 3 or 4 of the light shows and there was a contortionist there. They also had the motorcycle ball, which I will blog about later. There are ladies dressed up in their extravagent outfits giving out beaded necklesses all down the street, and they normally don't give them to children, just to potential gamblers, and sometimes only if you go into their casino. We happened to be standing in front of one of these casino's and I let Mo out to stretch his legs, well these ladies thought him and his brothers were so cute that they just bombarded us with necklaces. They also gave us some novelty necklesses that they don't normally give away. Ezra's is pirate themed, and Liam's had a cowboy hat on it. So much fun!

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