Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello Friend

There is a bright red refrigerator magnet on our fridge that is a Christmas Tree Ball. It's very powerful, so we keep it around to hold up kids drawings. The other day Ezra was sitting on the ground next to the fridge staring at it. He then put his nose right up to it and said "Hello Friend!" We then realized that he was talking to his reflection. If you look carefully at the first picture you can see Ezra's "friend".

I love his cheesy grin in this picture.

P.S. don't forget to check out Mo's new post under the boys driving post. And, for a cute post about Liam click here.
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  1. soooo cute! Oh, and did you know you can change the day you post something to whatever day you want. (just look down in posting options when you are in your new post.)

    Your boys are sooo cute! You are a fun and busy mom for sure!

  2. Ms Peavoy, I think it's clear that the reason your boys are so cute is that they take after their mother. Your daily blogs make my day.

  3. First of would be Mrs. Peavoy and I don't get it creepy are you saying they don't take after their father.

    Yes, indeed there is a father!!!

  4. o.k. now i just clicked your link and you are truely a creepy guy.