Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ezra's Big Day

Yesturday, Monday April 21, 2008, Ezra had his big surgery with Dr. Wilson, the kid dentist. He wasn't very excited about it, but it proved to be not to bad of a day for him. After all, he got to have Daddy all to himself and that's always fun.

He slept the whole way there... I wonder if it was peaceful. Up to this point the dentists hadn't done anything to make him afraid of them, so I think he was probably okay. We did explain to him before hand what was going to happen, and he told lots of people that he was going to get his rotten teeth taken out, so he did have a fairly good understanding.

Hanging out in the waiting room. Having just watched the movie Spider-man the night before, he strikes a Spidey pose for a cute girl his age who was also having some teeth pulled. There was also a tiny little baby there, whose parents took him into the operating area just before Ezra (probably just to go get his older sibling). Bill led Ezra to believe that the cute little baby was having teeth pulled too, which made Ezra much more confident about going in. "If that wittle baby can do it, so can I."

They gave him a hospital gown, and some huge green booties, which he got to keep. I think it was because they needed to cover up the IV bandage, and his socks were to tight. I tried them on later to make him laugh, and they fit perfectly, but he still said they were to small. You can almost see the look of concern on his face about the fact that his bum was exposed in the back.

Ezra had his own little T.V. in his room, which was fantastic. The surgery was set up for 1:30, but it was actually 3:30 before he even got in there. He ended up watching two episodes of SpongeBob, which isn't Bill's favorite show, I'm sure he was going crazy! GO CRABBY PATTIES!!

His robe was apparently very itchy, and he just wanted to take it off. It was all he could talk about, so finally Dr. Wilson told him he'd give him a dollar if he left it on! It worked, and Ezra is now a dollar richer, although I'm sure that after the Tooth Fairy gets here he will have a bucket load of money!
Dr. Wilson was so awesome, and just fantastic with Ezra.

After the surgery, on the way home. Ezra wasn't quite all the way conscious at this point. Despite the fact that he hadn't eaten anything all day, he wasn't even hungry. When he wasn't sleeping, he just sat there quietly with his mouth slightly open as the anesthetics slowly worked through his system. He kept mumbling something about fairies, pixie dust and other such foolery.

The Dr. said he would be dizzy, and tired. He can't eat any hard food for about 6 days. He is only allowed very soft stuff like yogurt, pasta, mashed potatoes, and oatmeal. He's not so happy about it, but yogurt is his favorite thing, so it's not that bad.

They put a little hospital band on him and Daddy so that there was no confusion when they were checking out of the surgery center. (Just like mommy/daddy/baby tags when you have your baby in the hospital.)

Ezra also got a shiney Spider Man sticker for his bracelet, which he loved. He was so sad when I had to take it off for his bath today. When they put him under they also stuck a heart monitor on him, and an IV in him. He has a little bruise where the IV was, and 3 big red squares on his chest and side where the heart monitor was. I thought the squares were just marks from the tape, but when we washed him in the bath this morning we realized that they are a little bit more permanent, and a little bit tender. I'm sure they'll go away soon.

After his surgery there was a little party/bbq at the Skinners house, they built this sweet fire pit in their back yard, which unfortunatly, I didn't take pictures of. They boys all set off smoke bombs and had a great time.
Ezra cuddled with me, which made me super happy. I guess I'm one of those moms, the kind that, although sad that their baby is hurting, is secretly happy to just sit and cuddle with a needy, hurting baby.

Everything went well, and although his mouth looks horrible he should be all healed up soon.


  1. Oh that is so scary he had to have surgery! I'm glad everything went alright with it. He sure looks cute in his hospital gown! I'm with ya on holding and comforting little ones that need Mommy. I SO enjoy it (not them being sad of course--just the cuddling) =).

  2. Oh, and I didn't realize you were running that Choir that Chelsea & Jessica were in. I remember they were totally loving it when they were doing it and you guys had a GREAT reputation for your singing skills! =)

  3. K... I think I missed a previous post?!?!? What did he have to get surgery on? He looked cute in his little hospital gown.

  4. I think there is something going on with your blog because some of the pictures aren't showing up.

  5. I think this post is having trouble with some of the pictures on certain computers. If one doesn't show up for you you can right click it and choose the option "show picture" that should work.

  6. aww what a brave little guy, he looks so cute in his gown.

  7. Wow, sounds like a big day for Ezra. Glad he took it so well. I too am one of those moms who loves an excuse for a cuddly toddler.

  8. Hey Kym,

    That is so nice of you to offer one of your cribs to me. If you could email me a picture of them if it's possible for you. I am sure I will be able to choose one to buy. My email is annatillack@gmail.com