Monday, April 21, 2008

Death Valley: Ezra

As I mentioned earlier, we had a great trip to Death Valley, again, and this is Ezra's version.

Ezra loved the binoculars, and somehow after getting his turn with them on the bench, managed to keep them for the rest of the trip. He really liked to look through them backwards, like his brother, but to keep things interesting he especially liked to walk, while looking through them backwards. Yikes!

Apparently I lied, I said Liam was the only one who found a rock to sit on for his picture, but here is Ezra being photographed by his loving Nana.

Papa took Liam and Ezra to use the outhouse and Ezra came back to the van first at a full speed run, yelling "I want to drive the van! I want to drive the van!" sooooo, Nana lifted him into the front seat and said "So drive." Ezra turned around and looked at her and said matter of factly "I can't Nana. I can't drive a van." We tried to tell him that it would be fine but he held to it, so finally I said "Ezra, it's just pretend!" and then he was like "Oh, okay!" and he started "driving" the van. Silly boy.

This is Ezra and Papa hanging out in the Museum together.
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  1. I miss mom and dad already!=( im so jealous urrrgh i really wanted to come! its so cold up here!! brrr...