Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Buffalo Bills

Here is the rest of our Primm post. We wanted to leave Andy up by himself for a little while because he's such a cutie!

This is Mo-Mo riding down a slight slope while waiting for the Tram to come pick us up. Liam was catching him at the bottom. Look at his huge grin, he was laughing the whole way down.

Going to bed the first night, I tucked Mo-Mo into our bed with him all covered up and lying on the pillow. I went to the bathroom and came back out and he had propped himself up and was just sitting there staring at me. How funny!

The Frog Hopper was a huge hit with our boys, they went on it over and over and over again. Liam rode it without getting off once for about an hour! (That was during one of his breaks from the Log Ride, while he was drying off.)

All of the boys loved this horse. It was right outside the movie theater and they all just loved having their pictures taken on it. Ezra looks like he really is running super fast on it. So funny. Liam is doing the "Cowboy Swing!" with his arm.

Also in the little arcade, by the movie theater where the Flinstone car and the covered wagon.

The Log Ride was the most fun for everyone. Everyone rode it at least one, although Arlene got a tiny bit wetter than she would have liked, and the drop was a tiny bit longer than she would have liked (sorry Arlene!). The first picture is of Mattea, Bill, Liam, and Andy in front of the Log Ride, before our first run ever. The guy behind them with the beard totally loved Liam and his enthusiasm everytime we got into a log. He laughed and talked to us everytime we were in line.

Well, for some strange reason, Bill and I decided to do the "Desperato." I love roller coasters, I have my whole life. Bill loves roller coasters. I've been on this one so many times, and so has Bill, so we didn't think it would be a problem. I didn't even get the butterflies I normally get before I go on a new, or scary ride, but this roller coaster almost killed us both! I have never shut my eyes on a roller coaster, and yet, on the huge drop, that drops forever, I couldn't seem to get my eyes open. I finally told myself that I couldn't have my eyes closed for the picture that they take and I forced them open. After they were opened they couldn't shut and so they just streamed water down my face the whole ride. It was so much fun, but maybe I'm just getting old or something, because I didn't run back and get in line to go again, in fact, we just did it that once, and decided the next time we went on would be with my Dad, or our kids! (Liam is still way way way to short!) This used to be my favorite ride too!

We also did the one where you sit in a roller coaster car with the big screen and it simulates a roller coaster. It was fun to do it with Bill, but it was kind of a dumb roller coaster. We went on with a bunch of kids who chose the "Tinker Toy Coaster" which simulates a roller coaster through a kids bedroom where you bounce of toys and stuff. It didn't really feel like a roller coaster, but because of the closeness to the screen and because of the stuff whizzing by at lightning speed I felt a little woozy after.

I totally love this picture of Ezra, it looks like he's about to rip some poor, unfortunate aliens head right off!
Mattea "bought" the boys a pirate eye patch with some of her tickets from the arcade and Ezra loved it. He is making a hook with his finger (in case you couldn't tell).
More Boys busting More Moves.


  1. What cute pics. It looks like fun. I love rollercoaster rides as well. Good to keep tabs on what youve been up to love kristy gee

  2. The greatest joy in my life is time spent with my family. I am so grateful for your blogs Kym so that I can relive that joy again and again. Thank you for the time you spend chronicling our various adventures. Forgive me for not commenting more. I will try to do better. ; )

  3. That is so good you guys get out and do so much together as a family. I'm too boring! =)