Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ethel M's

So there's this Chocolate Factory in Las Vegas, and who doesn't want to see that? We had a big day on the 3rd and this was one of our many stops. Unfortunately most of the windows were curtained off, and the free chocolate area was boarded up, but we did get a sample at the end of the hallway (that the tour is supposed to be in). Despite the set backs it was super fun!

This is the boys checking out one of the sculptures made completely from chocolate. Yummmmm!

Another cool sculpture, and it's friend, the other sculpture.

Can you believe the price of one strawberry?

The boys begged me to buy them ice-cream so when I was letting them pick out their flavors I said Ezra's name and the guy serving up the ice-cream got all excited and was like "Oh, I've only ever heard that name one other time!" and so I decided to take the bate and said "Oh ya, you know an Ezra?" and he's like "Well, he was a leader in my church." and I just smiled really huge and said "Really? There's a leader named Ezra in my church too!" And he just started busting a gut laughing, so I took his picture. His name was Ben, probably short for Benson.....

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  1. Hey that guy used to be in my singles I know him.