Friday, April 18, 2008

The Mud Hole

One of the ingredients in my Amish Friendship Bread is a box of vanilla pudding. We only had bulk vanilla so I needed to measure how much was supposed to be in a box, and I just had chocolate. Once the chocolate was sitting in a bowl staring at me I decided to make it for the boys, and then I thought it would be fun to eat our pudding with animal crackers. I told the boys they could pretend the animals were stuck in mud pits. Now everytime I make Amish Friendship Bread I whip up some chocolate pudding and animal crackers as well, just for fun. Notice Liam the poser. Ha ha ha. He's so funny.

"Help us.... we are stuck in chocolate mud!!!"

I don't know how, or why this happend, but on both days we have done this so far, Mosiah has been wearing the same shirt, obviously it has been washed, but I thought that was weird when I looked back at the pictures. This is the first day, we ate outside for fear of making a mess. They didn't do so bad so I let them eat inside on the second day. The mess was far worse, so back to outside next time!

Same shirt, different day. Do you see the difference in messes?
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  1. Funny kids! Thanks for commenting on my blog! So you homeschool your kids? How is that going?

  2. oh how fun! my girls LOVE animal crackers, I never thought to make chocolate pudding with them, thanks for the fun idea!