Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Poor Poor Mo-Mo

Mo-Mo's life lately has been all about teething, and not in a good way either. He is very, very grumpy, and his gums hurt. He has a fever, and the only time he is happy is when he is eating freezies.
Mo has his top four middle teeth, four molars, and 3 of his bottom middle teeth. This last bottom tooth is such a burden in the poor kids life right now. If it would just come through he could have so much more fun!
Because of his current condition Mo has missed out on some of our family activities lately. He's been staying home with Daddy to sleep it off, while Arlene, Neil, Mattea, Ezra, Liam and I go off and play. If we brought him he'd just wish he was home, but he is happy to see us when we get back.
Poor.... poor Mo-Mo!
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