Saturday, April 12, 2008


Mo-Mo is starting to be a little bit of a talker. He will repeat almost anything you tell him to, only when no one is looking or listening of course, but still... I managed to catch him on video with this one here. He also says "hi" (constantly), "hot dog", "ma ma", "da da", "knock knock", "byeeeeeeee", "ba ba" (for bottle), and when you ask him if he's hungry he says "mmmmmmh!" (like yummy).

His new tricks are knocking on doors and saying "knock knock", watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and singing along with the Hot Dog song, climbing up on the kitchen table chairs, and eating us out of house and home.

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  1. For anyone reading this blog entry who missed the video link, go back and click the word HERE to be taken to the MoMo Olympics on Utube. ; )